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Hotel Murah di Bandung Lembang

Hotel Murah di Bandung Lembang:
  1. Hotel Yahezkiel Lembang-Bandung is a cheap hotel in Bandung area. The Hotel is adjacent to the vegetable market Lembang, attractions, Tours, riding The Maribaya Ranch, Maras and hot spring Baths Ciater. Read more Hotel Yahezkiel Lembang-Bandung.
  2. Villa De rossa Lembang Bandung is the Inn-cheap hotel in Lembang, Bandung region with ethnic, building architecture with a mixture of wood and natural stone, so as to provide a comfortable atmosphere and tentram. In addition to the adjacent to the tourist Maribaya, Villa is also adjacent to the Dairy Lembang Kencana. Read more Villa De rossa Lembang Bandung.
  3. Pondok Panorama Lembang Bandung is the Inn-cheap hotels in Bandung which is its location adjacent to mount tangkuban perahu, Lembang-Bandung. Read more Pondok Panorama Lembang Bandung.
  4. Hotel Hikmat Indah Lembang Bandung is the Inn located in Lembang, Bandung. The Hotel has a beautiful view of the adjective because adjacent to mount Tangkuban Perahu and tea gardens. You only need 5 minutes to reach the watu location. Read more Hotel Hikmat Indah Lembang Bandung.
  5. Penginapan Dayang Sumbi Lembang Bandung is the Inn located in Lembang, Bandung. This is a combination of a lodging cottage, resort and meeting house. The cool air and a beautiful view, quiet, adds to be suitable for anyone who wants to soothe the mind, removing the tired during work. Read more Penginapan Dayang Sumbi Lembang Bandung.
  6. Penginapan Cemara Asri Lembang Bandung is a Beautiful Inn located in Lembang, Bandung. According to his name, the Inn is surrounded by Beautiful Spruce fir trees, which add to cool the area around it. In addition, the Inn is adjacent to the restaurant the Ampera Lembang and milk lembang kencana. Read more Penginapan Cemara Asri Lembang Bandung.
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