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Villa De rossa Lembang Bandung

Villa De rossa Lembang Bandung is the Inn-cheap hotel in Lembang, Bandung region with ethnic, building architecture with a mixture of wood and natural stone, so as to provide a comfortable atmosphere and tentram. In addition to the adjacent to the tourist Maribaya, Villa is also adjacent to the Dairy Lembang Kencana.

Villa De rossa Lembang Bandung-Facilities and room rate
Each room at Villa De rossa Lembang-Bandung, equipped with: TV, and bathroom with hot water and air dingi. There are several rooms with villa, equipped with a living room, living room and kitchen. The fare on offer at Villa De rossa Lembang-Bandung ranging between Rp 135,000-350,000. If you want to use the villa, the rates on offer ranges from IDR 1,000,000-1.350.000.

How to get Villa De rossa Lembang Bandung
<b>villa de rossa lembang bandung</b>
Villa De rossa
Address: Jalan Panorama I No. 34-36 Lembang Bandung.
Phone number: (022) 2786527
Fax number: (022) 2786318
Email Addess:-
Website Address:-

To reach the villa, its location is quite easy, because in addition to nameplate, the villa is situated on the edge of the road to the tourist area of Maribaya lembang-Bandung.
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