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Jalan Cihampelas Bandung

Jalan Cihampelas Bandung- did you know Jalan Cihampelas that being in the North of Bandung. The name is no stranger to the residents of Bandung because its crowdedness, and became one of the shopping malls in Bandung.
Let's go back to ancient times. Of course we're curious about how the area was named Jalan Cihampelas Bandung. Cihampelas, as one of the icon of Bandung city, inseparable from the history of Bandung city trip is due first.
During the reign of Netherlands East Indies, Cihampelas are areas used for the settlement of Europeans. At that time, the buildings to the architecture of the Netherlands, many standing in this area.
The naming of roads and areas "Cihampelas" comes from the swimming baths, where the area filled with trees called "hampelas". Cihampelas comes from Sundanese language, consisting of two syllables, namely "Ci" which means "Cai" and "Hampelas" i.e. the tree hampelas (tree and leaf is often used as ruber). If the two syllables were merged, it will be formed the word "Cihampelas".
In 1987, one after the other homeless in this area are changing hands. These turned out to hand transfer marked the beginning of the Cihampelas as one of the places that characterize the city of Bandung, as well as the Cibaduyut shoes.
Life changed, because it turns out Cihampelas tours and tourism can not only be presenting natural beauty or richness of a region, but any decent potential sale.
The Jeans at Cihampelas, began to appear in the same year with the establishment of a fruit shop. After Nice, then felt the reaction they invite colleagues from entrepreneurs to open factories and distributors with respect to this effort. The big ask entrepreneurs looking to open a store causes many houses that are sold.
Jalan Cihampelas Bandung, now never deserted. Entering this area, like enter the area which is full of fairy tales. How not, every store in the area, the name and design are reminiscent of heroic figures like Superman, Ultraman, Rambo, the broom also Marks, a match, the butterfly to the Empress. of course all of this aims to attract buyers.
If you pay a visit to the streets for shopping and enjoying the Cihampelas weekend, there are few cheap hotels in Bandung that you can visit, among them:

To ease you into Jalan Cihampelas Bandung, you can view the map and the area is on the Jalan Cihampelas google Map
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