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Jalan Setiabudi Bandung

Jalan Setiabudi Bandung-When you visit Bandung, there we will find the road named Jalan Setiabudi Bandung. However, if you know, what and how the area is named Jalan Setiabudi Bandung. Let's browse history.

Jalan Setiabudi Bandung is apparently derived from the name of a Netherlands East Indies, i.e. Ernest François Eugène Douwes Dekker. Douwes Dekker with Indonesian name, i.e. Danudirja Setiabudi; born in Pasuruan, October 8, 1879 and died in Bandung, West Java, August 28, 1950 at the age of 70 years. He was a Netherlands East Indies, but also a freedom fighter and national hero of Indonesia. At the beginning of the 20th century, He was one of the Foundress Indonesia nationalism. Course of his life, he is an author who is critical of the Government of Netherlands East Indies colonization, journalist, political activist, and initiated the name "Nusantara". To honor and commemorate his achievements, politician of Setiabudi, South Jakarta was "street name" in the area of Bandung, which is now known as Jalan Setiabudi Bandung.

Map of Jalan Setiabudi Bandung:
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List of Hotels in Jalan Setiabudi Bandung
/Hotel Murah di Bandung:
  1. Hotel Alam Permai
  2. Hotel Enhaii
  3. Hotel Giri Elok
  4. Hotel Lebak Gunung Permai
  5. Hotel Ponty
  6. Setiabudi Guest House
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