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Hotel Harmony Inn Bandung

Hotel harmony inn is a cheap hotel in Bandung which is located at JL. Telagabodas Bandung. Hotel Harmony Inn Bandung, other than the place comfortable and clean, the hotel provides a tranquil atmosphere, as far from the noise of motor vehicles. In addition, if you want to enjoy a variety of typical dishes of Indonesia, hotel Harmony inn is the place.

Hotel Harmony Inn Bandung-Hotel and Rooms Facilities:
The Hotel has 26 rooms, consisting of 3 types of rooms (standard, Suite, Deluxe), with different facilities. In General, each room is equipped with:
  1. AC
  2. TV or LCD
  3. Bathroom (equipped with hot water and cold water)
  4. Bathtub
According to some information, there are several rooms that each room is equipped with wall carpets.
In addition, the facility is owned by the hotel harmony inn Bandung is:
  1. Restaurant
  2. Music performances (nostalgia)
  3. Meeting rooms (for 45 people)
Hotel Harmony Inn Bandung – room rate:
Hotel rates range between Rp.220,000-270,000/night
Hotel Harmony Inn Bandung-address and location:

Hotel Harmony Inn

Address                   : JL. Talagabodas No. 23/62 Bandung
Phone Number    : 022-7307457
Fax Number          : 022-7304783
Email Address      : -
Website Address : -
Type                         : Hotel Murah di Bandung-Hotel Melati Bandung-Penginapan Murah di Bandung
Region                      : Bandung Selatan
Map                           : Hotel Harmony Inn on Google Map

To reach the hotel is very easy, about 30 minutes, the time it takes to reach the location. The area closest to the vehicle being out of Bandung, you can take advantage of the Buah Batu highway as the exit, to the hotel Harmony Inn Bandung. As a tip, please call the hotel that you would want to go, to see if the hotel is full, or is empty. Congratulations on a vacation, and enjoy the weekend.
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