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Hotel Kanira Bandung

Hotel Kanira Bandung is a cheap hotel in Bandung, located in Jl. Perjuangan 45 No.10 Bandung. For those of you confused looking for lodging located in the vicinity of Buah Batu, and Cicadas, certainly with the rate cheap hotels, this hotel is perfect for your visit. In addition to its place very comfortable and clean, the hotel is very close to the shopping areas in the region of Buah Batu, and Bandung Super Mall (BSM). In addition, an awful lot of culinary places worth visiting, from hawker Street, up to ethnic restaurants located along the path of Buah Batu.

Hotel Kanira Bandung -Hotel and room Facilities
This Hotel comprises 34 rooms, with 2 types of rooms (Mitra room and pesona room), and the fee charged by that variable. Each room at this hotel is equipped with: 
Hotel Kanira Bandung
  1. TV
  2. AC
  3. Phone
  4. Bathrooms (equipped with hot water and cold water)
Other facilities at this hotel are:
  1. Restaurant
  2. Parking area (for 10 cars, and some motor vehicles)
  3. Room Service
For additional information, for a type of Mitra room, bathroom is outside the room.

Hotel Kanira Bandung – room rate/night
The room rate at hotel Kanira, which is about: Rp.120,000-180,000/night (adapted to the time of check in and check-out time; and call hotel receiver for more information).

Hotel Kanira Bandung-address and Location
The Hotel is located at:

To reach this hotel, from the Cipularang toll road toward the highway Buah Batu, toward Buah Batu Canal Road. From the highway, it only takes 15-20 minutes, because its location was not so much. For those of you, who use public transportation or service city bus; don't worry because the hotel is very strategic to pass. For additional information,  Hotel Kanira Bandung adjacent to the Horizon Hotel.
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