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Hotel Marala Bandung

Hotel Marala Bandung is a cheaphotel in Bandung which is located at Jl. Pelajar Pejuang 45 No. 114-116. Hotel Marala Bandung is a hotel that has a classical building architecture, which was filled with glass, similar buildings in the Netherlands, the other used to be, so that the Island became the hallmark of this hotel. However, do not worry, even though the building is very old, but its place very clean look, and comfortable. In this hotel, you can enjoy typical food of Indonesia. According to information from various sources, the area at this hotel including areas with activities in the area of Bandung city's busiest.

Hotel Marala Bandung- Hotel and Rooms Facilities
The Hotel Marala consists of less than 20 room, with 2 types of rooms (standard rooms, and superior room), and a different rate. In General, each room is equipped with:
  1. AC (air Conditioner)
  2. TV
  3. Phone
  4. Dressers
  5. Bathroom (equipped with hot water and cold water)
  6. The living room and a sofa (special for a superior room type)

In addition, the Hotel Marala is equipped with several facilities, among them:
  1. The Hotel Lobby
  2. Coffee shop
  3. Restaurant
  4. Parking Area (capacity for 8 cars, and some motor vehicles)
  5. Room Service
Hotel Marala Bandung –room rate/night
Hotel Marala rates, amounting to about: Rp.225,000-300,000/night)

Hotel Marala Bandung– Address and Location
Hotel Marala Bandung
  • The Hotel is located at:
  • Address             : Jl. Pelajar Pejuang 45 No. 114-116
  • Phone Number   : 022-7307946
  • Fax Number       : -
  • Email Address    : -
  • Website Address : -
  • Region               : Bandung Selatan
  • Type                  : Hotel Murah di Bandung-Hotel Melati Bandung-Penginapan Murah di Bandung
To reach this hotel, it will be good, the Cipularang toll road, leading to the Buah Batu toll Gate. From there, turn left towards the path of Buah Batu, then turn right, after passing through the intersection traffic signs-traffic signs in Buah Batu. For additional information, this hotel is located opposite the Hotel Horison Bandung.
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