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Wisma Nusa Indah Bandung

Wisma Nusa Indah Bandung is the Guesthouse, or a cheap hotel in Bandung which is located on Jl. Lodaya No. 95 Bandung. Wisma Nusa Indah, have a very comfortable and quiet. You will find a very beautiful plant flowers in every corner of the room and some other places. If you like shopping, Bandung Super Mall (BSM) is the right choice for a visit, because its location is very near, BSM is one of the special shopping mall in Bandung. The closest area to the Wisma Nusa Indah, namely Malabar and Kepatihan areas. There, you'll find street food which is very unique, and tasty. For Book souvenirs, you can visit the market, i.e. center of Palasari Bookstores, Bandung. You will get a maximum of 30% discount for each purchase of books, and guaranteed the books there are very cheap.

Wisma Nusa Indah Bandung-Hotel and rooms Facilities:
This House has 18 rooms, 3 types of rooms, with different prices. Each room is equipped with:
  1. TV
  2. AC (Air Conditioner)
  3. Bathrooms (Hot & cold water)
  4. Bathtub (specific to types of VIP room)
Other facilities are there in this House, namely:
  1. Coffee Shop
  2. The parking lot
  3. Room Service 24 hours
Wisma Nusa Indah Bandung –Room Rate/night
Wisma Nusa Indah rates vary, which is about: Rp. 85,000 to 200,000/night
Wisma Nusa Indah Bandung -Address and Location: 
Wisma Nusa Indah

Address                    : JL. Lodaya No. 95 Bandung
Phone Number     : 022-7300505
Fax Number           : 022-7319400
Email Address       :-
Website Address  :-
Type                          : Hotel Murah di Bandung-Hotel Melati Bandung-Penginapan Murah di Bandung
Region                      : Bandung Selatan
Map                           : Google Map

Do you want to stay in this hotel. If so, I will know how to get the member's location of this hotel. I recommend using the Buah Batu highway. Why, because the highway Fruit stone is the closest to the location of the area. From the highway fruit stone, you can drive the vehicle to the left down the road of Buah Batu, until finding signs-traffic signs a second, then turn right. From there, Wisma Nusa Indah is not so much. Congratulations on a vacation to the city of Bandung.
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